I get fireworks and parades for my birthday. How many of you chumps get that kinda treatment, huh?
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loud sobbing





I think you might! She’s Athena, the personification of Cyprus. And yeah, you hit the spot. I missed her while I was away, after all.

Can’t say I’m too familiar with her, but yeah! Cyprus, hm. Either way, that’s really awesome. I’ve gotta make a reminder to get y’all an engagement present or something.

I don’t know if it’d work for you, but if I wanted to get a little extra time off work, I’d probably beg or cry or call in a few favors. Ain’t no shame in it.

SyFy is having a Star Trek movie marathon
Don’t touch me
Don’t look at me
Everything is Mcspirk and whales



Can’t say I got a lot of rest between two of them, but the others were fine. It was nice enough, but I was hoping to work less this summer and spend more time with my family and friends. And my fiancée. 

I know that. That’s why I plan on making the best of these weeks.

A fiancée, how wonderful! Congrats! So, who’s the lucky lady— anyone I’d know? I can totally see why you’d not want to work so much over summer.



Good to see things are well for you. Or well enough. 

They are, although I must say I’m a bit tired. I had a few business trips to go on this summer, so I’m glad that I’ve got some free time now. At least until I start work, two weeks from now.

I love business trips. Well, just as long as I get enough rest between them. Otherwise it’s such a hassle!

You oughta get the most out of your vacation time. Two weeks can go by alarmingly quickly.



I’m glad to hear that! And sadly, that’s true.

How have you been?

I’ve been alright. Ish. Mostly busy with anything and everything. If I never have to fill out even one more stack of paperwork in triplicate, it’ll be too soon.

And yourself? Things are goin’ okay, I hope!

(Just imagine with me for a sec—

Hetalia girls roller derby AU, like all the girls

America’s name is Betsy Double-Cross, Molly Punch-her, ManiFist Destiny, or Scars n Stripes)

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((So do I are we soulmates???))
23: Broadway!AU
((ohmYGOSH it’s my JAM))


Cecile never much liked the uniform of the other actors on cold reading day. Yoga pants and messy ponytails everywhere she looked on the ladies, and the gentlemen were not any better polished. But she /was/ eager to get to the choreography. This was shaping up to be an exciting production, and creating the dances for it would be endless fun for her, so long as the actors cooperated. Cecile pushed her glasses up on her nose and scanned her new cast, intrigued by a certain new face she saw with a brilliant (albeit nervous) smile.

Alright, they’d talked long enough. Cecile straightened herself up, stood on her little crate (no kidding, this was a necessary measure to ensure that everyone could see and hear her), and clapped her hands sharply.

"Everyone, attention please!" The actors settled down, some still snickering at what, Cecile did not know. Hopefully not at her. Definitely not at her. She’s quite intimidating; of course no one would be laughing at her!

"It’s lovely to meet you all. My name is Cecile Thernadier, but you can call me Cecile if you wish. However, I do not answer to Cece.” Here she let her gaze travel slowly across her class, trying to appear dominant. It seemed to work for at least some members of the crowd, which was good enough. “I am your choreography instructor for this production. If any of you have worked with me before,” she continued, a smirk creeping into her tone, “you remember that I can be exacting of my students. And that is how I think of you: my students. I expect the respect you give to a teacher, and in return, I will work with you as patiently and thouroughly as I can. Dance is central to Thouroughly Modern Millie and I expect it to look wonderful.”

Amy had just been able to strike up conversation with a younger girl when the elegant woman up front got up on a crate, somehow maintaining her dignity, and shushed everyone.

She gave her name and a short spiel that Amy had heard many times before- “I’m teaching choreography for this show..also, screw up the choreography and you’ll die/never work in this town again/have to try getting a job at your nearest Starbucks.” It was worded a little differently, of course, but still made her a little nervous. She stood a little straighter and tried not to fidget, her goofy smile gone.

Amelia thought that Ms. Thernadier had a very commanding presence, even though she was small enough to possibly be confused for one of the actors’ younger sisters. She made a mental note to never, ever let that observation slip out within earshot of the instructor.




Hello! Business meeting, or just plain visiting?


Visiting! Vacation time’s been addin’ up.